Honest & regional - our products

Enjoyment without remorse - with regional products on the highest quality

Best cuisine is only possible with the best ingredients! We are very proud that we source most of our products from Leogang and our region and are a pioneer in doing it.

From here, personally known and guarantor for the highest quality - our main suppliers:

  • Beef (young cattle, calf, ox) from Leogang farmers (Hinterriederbauer, Hartlbauer, Badmeisterhof)
  • Grazing pig (Duroc & Schwäbisch-Hällische) from Schattbachbauer (family Eiböck)
  • "Wildmasthendl" from Schattbachbauer (family Eiböck)
  • Pig for bacon from Bademeisterbauer (family Herzog)
  • Lamb from Vorderrainerbauer (family Scheiber)
  • Milk calf (Angerlehenbauer, Herzogbauer)
  • Milk goat (Dorfladen Leogang, family Rainer)
  • Game (deer, chamois, calf, etc.) from the communal hunting Leogang, Peter Rass ("Steinbergjagd"), family hunting Alfred Fiechtl
  • Austrian cannard from family Hütter from Straden
  • Fresh fish - from the pisciculture Grundner Anton: Schwarzbach trout, Schwarzbach char, salmon trout, smoked trout
  • From the pisciculture Hermann Hasenauer: Schwarzleo char
  • From Chiemsee fisher Lex: Reinanke
  • * NEW * Michi's fresh fish from the pisciculture "Mürzer Oberland Nature Park": Styrian Branzino (sea bass)
  • Organic free-range eggs from Kehlbach farmer, Saalfelden (family Zehentner)
  • Yoghurt, whole milk, potatoes, spelled rice, wholegrain spelled & wholegrain rye flour from Ziefergut, Leogang (MeiMuich)
  • Winterreis.at (St. Pölten)
  • Local honey, beeswax and mead from the apiary family Elfriede Müllauer (Leogang)
  • "Späkäse" and pickled goat cream cheese from village shop "Dorfladen Leogang" (family Rainer)
  • Sinnlehen cheese, caraway cheese, pepper cheese, boxhorn clover cheese, farm butter, Schneerose from Sinnlehenbauer (family Scheiber)
  • Creamy-flavored Camembert, Lexei sheep's milk cheese, Sumastoa cheese, Hoch Wiesa Bergkäse by Sigfried Herzog Distillate (Saalfelden)
  • Rye and wheat flour, apple juice and much more from the winery family Müller, Krustetten
  • Herbs from our own herb garden (URBAN Cultivator)

For our excellent "Riederalm-cuisine" I have to be convinced of the products which we use. I have built up a large network of farmers and producers over the last few years.

Andreas Herbst

From Nose to tail

Andreas Herbst is in contact with the farmers, hunters and producers constantly and he has developed a great concept for our unique Riederalm culinary art.
By using the whole animal - many different delicacies, such as our stewed beef, bovine ham, pastrami, lamb kransky, "Leberkäse", and much more!
Our butcher Fürstauer in Saalfelden/Leogang and the butchery Prem in Fieberbrunn process everything according to the recipe of our pleasure workshop.

Homemade Delicacies

It is a matter of honor that there are no finished products in the Riederalm. The best taste is homemade.
This starts in the morning with the homemade jams, cereals, smoothies, ... and in the afternoon all our delicacies at the Alpine buffet.
In the evening there is daily homemade bread with matching spread. The gourmet menu is inspired with creativity and exquisite taste.

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Andreas Herbst

Jeunes restaurateur d'europe

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