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Sonnenuntergang in Leogangs Bergwelt

Mountain tours & Alpine hikes in Leogang

Over sticks and stones through one of the biggest hiking areas in Austria

We are of the opinion that the mountains have always provided unlimited inspiration. And because we want you to experience this inspiration and energy exuded by the Pinzgau mountains too, we have compiled the loveliest Alpine hikes in and around Leogang for you. We do of course incorporate different types of hiking. Lace up your hiking shoes, pack up a snack and get going! We are always here for you as hiking advisers to provide you with information and tour tips.


Walking time: from the hotel - approx. 2 hours

The Knappenstube “Unterberghaus” is the starting point for the guided tours of the mine and invites you to linger in a cozy ambience and with wonderful local cuisine after the visit. Also some very interesting mine maps of the Schwarzleo mining area can be seen here! Of course, there are also souvenirs that will certainly remind you of your visit to the show mine.
Since the 20th anniversary of the Schaubergwerk in 2009, there has been a true-to-original Pochwerk in the immediate vicinity of the Knappenstube, where it is possible to demonstrate how difficult it was for the miners to extract the ore from the quarried rock.
In winter it is not possible to visit the Schaubergwerk, but it is worth a walk or a romantic sleigh ride to the Knappenstube!

Sinnlehenalm - 950 m

Walking time: from the centre of Leogang approx. 30 mins

An easy route leads you from the town centre in Leogang to the Sinnlehenalm

From this idyllic mountain pasture, you can enjoy the view of Leogang and the Leogang mountains. For a bit of refreshment, stop for an Almjause (snack) of locally baked breads and cheeses from their own dairy. Children can play on the playground and pet the goats.

Stöcklalm- 1.320 m

Walking time: from the hotel - approx. 2 hours (or comfortably with the Asitzbahn)

Located directly at the middle station of the Asitzbahn at 1.320 m above sea level. Cozy get-togethers in a friendly atmosphere are very important here. Whether you enjoy the magnificent view on the sun terrace or take a break in the cosy hut while biking, all guests will always be spoiled with culinary delights. In winter, the Stöcklalm is a popular meeting point for skiers and tobogganers. Located directly at the middle station, the toboggan run of the Leoganger Bergbahnen starts. In summer the Stöcklalm is an easily accessible hiking destination for young and old.

Tödlingalm - 1.400 m

Walking time: from the car park at the Tödlinggut - approx. 1,5 hours

On this hike awaits hikers a scenic tour through woods and meadows up to the Tödlingalm. The Tödlingalm at 1.400 m above sea level is more than 200 years old and part of the Griessner Almen. At the Tödlingalm hikers are welcomed by the dairy cows of the Tödlinggut, who spend the summer up here. The hikers can refresh themselves with a glass of fresh milk, a hearty Alpine snack and other drinks. If you don’t have enough, continue hiking to the cultivated Seealm, which offers homemade alpine products and the view of the Grießner Hochmoor. After a 4:30 h walk you reach the starting point in the Leogang district of Grießen.

Lettlkaser- 1.442 m

Walking time: from Leogang/Rosental - approx. 3 hours

The path to the Lettlkaser Hütte leads the hiker into the impressive mountain world of the Leoganger Steinberge. On this varied tour, hikers will not only find changing landscapes, such as forests or lush alpine meadows – sometimes you will hike on wide paths, sometimes on a forest path steeped in roots, sometimes on a narrow path.
In addition to great nature experiences, there are always impressive views.
The Lettlkaser not only welcomes hikers with rustic coziness and hearty food, but also rewards them with a magnificent view of the Leoganger Steinberge and the Saalfelden Basin.
For experienced mountain hikers it is possible to extend the tour and to reach the Passauer Hütte via the Plattenkopf and the Hainfeldscharte.

Lindlalm - approx. 1500 m

Walking time: from the hotel approx. 4 hours (a part of the route can also be truncated if you go by car)

From the hotel head out on a wild, romantic hike through Schwarzleotal, to the show mine and the Knappenstube. From here the hiking trail proceeds across expansive pastureland up to the Spielbergalmen. One of which is the traditional Lindlalm, where landlady Resi provides indulgence with delicious Alpine foods. The delicious ‘Almwuzel’ is a speciality – an old style ‘Kaiserschmarrn’.

For endurance-oriented hikers there is the option of hiking to the Spielberghorn (2.044 m).

Alte Schmiede - 1.760 m

Walking time: from the Hotel - approx. 4 hours (or very comfortably with the Asitzbahn)

Magic of nostalgia – Directly at the top station of the Leoganger Asitzbahn at 1.760 m and opposite the AsitzBräu, the museum restaurant “Alte Schmiede” is located. Historical exhibits and countless tools give the six rooms a rustic and unique charm. Together with his team, the chef conjures up local and international delicacies from selected natural products.

Passauer Hütte - 2.046 m

Walking time: from the car park Ullachtal - approx. 4 hours

The hike to the Passauer Hütte takes the hiker first along a shady forest path, then exposed terrain until one finally reaches the hut via an exposed path in the middle of the rocks. The tour rewards with first-class views of the surrounding mountains. Refreshment and overnight stay at the Passauer Hütte is possible. From here you can reach the surrounding peaks and ferrata.
The path is sometimes very steep and rocky. Only recommended for vertigo-free, confident and experienced hikers.

As hiking guides we are here to provide you with advice!

Friedl Herbst

Einsiedelei (hermitage) - 1.006 m

Walking time: from the car park Bürgerau - approx. 30 min

The hike to the hermitage is an impressive family tour, on which it is worth taking a breather at the hermit. The hermitage Saalfelden at 1.006 m was built in the 17th century in the rocks above Lichtenberg Castle and also has a small chapel. It is the last inhabited hermitage in Europe. Locals and visitors appreciate the hermitage as a place of tranquility and as a “resting place of the soul. ” From the hermitage you can enjoy the beautiful view of Saalfelden and the mountains that stretch like giants around the whole valley.

Steinalm in Saalfelden - 1.268 m

Walking time: from the car park Bürgerau – approx. 80 min

From the Bürgerau in Saalfelden it goes uphill along a shady forest path, then over meadows to the Steinalm. Along the hiking trail there is a nature trail that provides information about forest, alpine pastures and the Kalkhochalpen. The teaching boards describe the habitats of the local flora and fauna. A special highlight: the trail leads along the Kuhloch, a cave with historical significance. On the Steinalm you will be spoiled with delicious regional delicacies – a stop is worthwhile.

Berggasthof Huggenberg - 1.120 m

Walking time: from the car park at the chairlift - approx. 1 hour (you can also shorten part of the route by car)

Take your family on a trip to the family paradise of Huggenberg.
Here you will find hiking trails of every length and difficulty level. Walk with your family in about an hour to the Huggenberg and have a rest in the mountain restaurant Huggenberg. Here your children will find a diverse playground and a small stable, the “Gut Huggenberg. ” Then take the summer toboggan run into the valley – a great day for the whole family.

Örgenbauernalm - 1.330 m

Walking time: from Saalfelden/Harham - approx. 1,5 hours

The Örgenbauernalm is the ideal destination for hikers who prefer tranquility and the original instead of many vertical meters. The rustic hut, which captivates with hearty, homemade delicacies and attention to detail, pampers with great views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. The ascent is easy and easy to do even for the inexperienced, yet you feel far away from everyday life and can switch off wonderfully up here.

Berggasthof Biberg - 1.443 m

Walking time: from the car park at the chairlift - approx. 2,5 hours (or about the first half comfortably with the chairlift to the Huggenbergalm)

The Berggasthof Biberg is a popular excursion destination in the Salzburger Land in summer and winter. Many paths cross the local mountain of the Saalfeldner and a summer toboggan run runs from the mountain to the valley. A possible approach – in addition to the comfortable option with the chairlift – is the forest road over the quarry and the Huggenbergalm up to the Berggasthof Biberg at 1.443 m.
The descent can be shortened by hiking to the Huggenbergalm and the chairlift mountain station and from there rushing into the valley with the summer toboggan run.

Peter-Wiechenthaler-Hütte - 1.752 m

Walking time: from the car park Bachwinkl - approx. 2,5 hours

Panoramic hike for experienced hikers with a beautiful path and possibility to combine further to the Steinalm and the hermitage.
The hike to the Peter-Wiechenthaler-Hütte is popular with guests and locals alike. The hut, perched high above Saalfelden at the foot of the Persailhorn, not only offers a variety of possibilities to combine with other huts and trails, depending on the desired level of difficulty, it also welcomes hikers with a fantastic panorama and hearty dishes.

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