The farmers' autumn in the region of Salzburg

The Bauernherbst (farmers' autumn) combines tradition, customs and crafts.
Posted on 18. August 2019

From the region

For more than 20 years - namely since 1996 - the so-called fifth season has existed in the region of Salzburg. The original idea was to create an offer for the guests in the region, in late summer and autumn, which was a little inspired by the well-known 'South Tyrolean Törggelen'. The result is a true success story. From the beginning, the Bauernherbst (farmers' autumn) was celebrated and enjoyed by guests and locals alike. Every year, around 500,000 visitors come to the various events in the city and state of Salzburg. 

The farmers' autumn takes place every year starting at the end of August. The so-called fifth season stands especially for tradition, music, enjoyment & culinary delights, nature experiences, crafts and traditional costumes. At this special time, the popular driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valleand their festivals have always been held. The end of the summer is celebrated, after a busy time you use the opportunity to a celebrate a 'Ratscher' (chat) or 'Hoagascht' (chat).

This is the famous Bauernherbst (farmer's autumn)...

Tradition, customs & crafts:

In the farmers' autumn old, almost forgotten traditions are cultivated, traditional crafts are brought to life and regional customs are given a stage so as not to be forgotten. This is not only about well-attended festivals in connection with the popular driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley, but also about folk culture, which is practised. That makes it all the more beautiful that in recent times, this custom is also popular with young people. The clubs in town and country are pleased that more young members are once again comitted and happy to participate. This is especially noticed and appreciated by the visitors of the various events. 

Tradition also has a lot to do with handicraft in the countryside - more precisely, with craftsmanship. Nowadays you get everything in the cheapest version 'off the rack'. All the more precious, for example, is a hand-turned bowl made of pine wood, the wicker hand-woven shopping basket or the finest lace goods. During the farmers' autumn one has the opportunity to realize that there are not so few 'artists' who actually still master real crafts. Let's hope this skill is handed down... 

Tradition is naturally also found in the music of the many events and festivals. From yodellers to Gstanzl (traditional type of mocking songs) singer to parlour music, the musical palette is very wide and varied. Even the well-known Schnalzer and Plattler (folklore groups) are among those folk musicians who set the tone in the fifth season! 

Culinary delights at the Bauernherbst (farmers' autumn)

The culinary delights at the farmers' autumn make you forget any dietary intentions very quickly. Socialising is very important at the farmers' autumn and a cosy 'hucker' (sitting together) definitely includes some 'Schmankerl' (delicacies) to enjoy. Typical dishes from the Salzburg region are now on the menu at many farmers' autumn hosts and these are also offered at the farmers' autumn festivals. These include, for example the tasty 'Erdäpfelnidei' (Austrian variant of gnocchies), savoury or sweet 'Bauernkrapfen' (Austrian type doughnuts), apple rings and much more. After a hearty meal it's good to have a freshly distilled schnapps of rowan berry, pear, plums and the like. As an alcohol-free variant, fresh juices from apple or elderflower are often offered for tasting. There are always cooking classes at the farmers' autumn events, where the tricks of the regional cuisine are taught.

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