My perfect summer holiday day...

A daydream comes true...
Posted on 11. May 2020


Enjoy the summer holiday feeling in the Riederalm...

Soon it will be here, the long-awaited summer and the summer holiday. Do you already have plans for your perfect summer vacation? The Good Life Resort Riederalm is the perfect place to spend your summer holiday. In our hotel and in the region Saalfelden Leogang there is so much to experience and discover.

Well, let's go: off to our daydream 'my perfect summer holiday day at the Hotel Riederalm in Leogang' - so varied and colourful... it definitely won't get boring.

In the morning...

The first rays of sunshine hit my bedspread, we wake up to birdsong and find it's 8:00. A rich breakfast buffet is the perfect start to the day, where we can find a huge selection of regional products.

Mhm... It looks delicious. From several kinds of sausages, of course all from the region, to the cheese plate, fresh vegetables and fruit, the orange juice press, where I can make a freshly pressed orange juice, everything is there that the connoisseur's heart desires. I pick up a fresh omelette from the cooking station, where the chef greets me with a friendly smile. When I’m done with the savoury food, I look around the muesli, yoghurt corner and find a tasty, homemade apricot jam, that immediately becomes my favourite.

Today's programme: off to the mountain and let's go hiking!

With so many hiking opportunities as the Saalfelden Leogang region offers, it is difficult for me to decide which tour to choose today. My children want to hike sporty, but also not for too long, so that the wellness area in the afternoon can still be enjoyed, so we decide to hike to the 'Lettlkaser' alpine hut.

However, in order to make a little effort and at the same time protect the environment, we rent a few e-bikes, with which we start directly from the Hotel Riederalm towards Leogang centre. There we continue to Lenzing, in the Wiesersberg district, from where we have to pedal again vigorously to go up the mountain. Once we get to the top, we lock up the bikes at the parking lot.

In bright sunshine we start our hike to the Lettlkaser alpine hut. It's not so hot yet, it's just pleasant for hiking. The children are running ahead and it's not easy to catch up with them. Equipped with a hiking rucksack, folding sticks and enough water and juice to drink, we hike through the forest. Soon we will be able to enjoy a magnificent view over the entire valley from Leogang to Saalfelden. Every now and then we stop to take a sip from the bottles or simply to enjoy the magnificent view.

After about an hour's climb we reach the hut, nestled in the lush meadows of Leogang. Behind the hut are the Leoganger Steinberge mountains with their rugged and steep rock faces.

The food tastes really great - a lunch at the alpine hut.

On arrival, host Katrin asks us what we want to drink and eat. We choose a blackcurrant spritzer (blackcurrant juice mixed with soda) to refuel the minerals lost on the hike.

Overwhelmed by the magnificent view, we stop for a few minutes, where everyone just enjoys it in silence. What a magnificent view: from the Spielberg in Leogang over the entire valley to the Steinernes Meer mountains. If that's not just lovely!

And Katrin comes with the cool drinks that quench our thirst. For a snack, a Brettljause (wooden board) with bacon and cheese is served. The products are exclusively from local farmers in order to support the regional producers and strengthen the rural economy. 'It tastes great! Can't we take cheese like that home with us?' my daughter shouts with joy, and we laugh.

Strengthened by natural products, we begin the return journey to our e-bike and enjoy the spectacular views on the descent, conveying a feeling of peace and quiet.

'Let's go to the pool!'

After arriving at the Hotel Riederalm we are a bit tired and exhausted, as we are not used to the mountain air. But the kids are full of enthusiasm again, because now they want to go to the pool and to the super long water slide. They really love the water slide. We retreat a little to the sauna and spa area and are able to really relax.

After a few hours of water fun even the children are tired and we get ready for dinner. I wonder what delicious food is waiting for us tonight? This question has been on my mind all day, because Andreas Herbst, the Junior manager of the Hotel Riederalm, is very creative in the kitchen and a master of his craft.

What a perfect way to end the evening: first-class cuisine and a fine glass of wine...

When we enter the dining room, we are already excited to see with what JRE Andreas Herbst is spoiling us today. Mhm... there's a delicious smell of bread. Fernando, the service manager, is already walking towards our table and holding a basket of freshly baked walnut apple bread. There are also homemade spreads from the gourmet kitchen. This is followed by the cold starter, which consists of the lukewarm smoked Schwarzleo char. The soup is a Topinambur soup. There is even a warm appetiser, the 'licorice haunch' from Duroc. The main dish is a Leoganger young cattle with savoy and deep purple carrots as well as potato and horseradish. For dessert, there is a sweet forest floor. Mmm! My mouth is watering!

In addition, we enjoy a fine wine.

While we enjoy and drink our wine, the children are romping around in the great playroom.

At the end of the day you can say: that was a perfect day at the Hotel Riederalm! :)

To the gourmet kitchen

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