Spring fatigue...no thanks!

Myth or reality?
Posted on 29. March 2019


After a long hibernation and lots of snow, nature is slowly awakening again in Leogang. The birds are already chirping early in the morning, the first flowers sprouting on already snow-free slopes, the sun warms us and we maybe treat ourselves to the first ice cream of the season? We feel like so much new strength! Let's arrange a spring cleaning, start the long-delayed running training and shop for summer clothes... Yeah, that sounds great, right? 

But what's the matter with us? Even though we have the most beautiful plans for this lovely time, somehow we just can't get into gear. Are we catching a cold? Of course, this may be the case, but unfortunately, it is true that many people suffer from the so-called spring fatigue. So it's not just a myth. No, it's even scientifically proven that after the long and dark winter months our body has to get back into balance. One of the reasons for this is that we usually get less daylight during the cold season. In addition, our bodies often have to cope with extreme temperature fluctuations in the spring: in the morning and evening we are often exposed to degrees below zero, while in the daytime it feels really hot in the sun And then, spring is also the main season for allergies: so many pollen allergy sufferers would probably be happy if spring comes later... 

We're taking up the fight...

We checked out the best tips to manage spring fatigue. From morning shower rituals to a balanced light dinner, there are plenty of ways to get out of the mess:

Cold - warm - cold... or just nice and warm?

Even if it's extremely difficult - and most of us only practise this shower version in high summer at temperatures around 30° - contrast showers are the best start to the day. Afterwards you will feel more alert and energetic and ready for everything.

Too stressful for breakfast...or would you rather take some time?

How about a delicious porridge for breakfast for a change? It's prepared in no time and provides a great deal of energy for stressful everyday life. If you just have no appetite in the morning, you might want a colourful smoothie: fresh fruit mixed with buttermilk... that tastes awesome and brings us right to the next tip.

Spring makes you want vitamins and lots of fresh foods...

Many people have an increased appetite for salad and such... at the beginning of the warm season.. this is great, because healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, fruit, lean meat, fish, eggs etc. give us a lot of energy and taste especially good now! Best combined with a lot of water.

Water, water, water...this time not for showering but for drinking:

Yes, we all know that we should drink at least 1.5-2 litres of water every day and yet we do not always succeed. But right now, we should be hydrating our bodies, especially when we are going to the next point.

Chop chop! Exercise please - preferably in the fresh spring air:

Based on experience it is very difficult to overcome your weaker self and we are real masters in finding various excuses. But we also know: As soon as we overcome our weaker self and start, we'll feel really good afterwards. Now is the time to finally sign up to the gym, go on an evening run or swim a few lengths. What about a about a regular visit to the sauna when you are tired after your sports activity?

Sweating away the fatigue - is that possible?

Yeah, that's definitely possible. Regular sauna visits strengthen our immune system, ensure fresh rosy skin and above all a good mood. If the sauna still also has a panoramic view of the Leoganger mountains, that would be the ultimate experience, right?

Let's get started - at home or right away on holiday.

This gives us an idea: If you take a closer look at all our tips, you could implement them anywhere. Theoretically, the fight against spring fatigue could also begin on your holiday. There is no better place to relax and enjoy - the Riederalm. 

So, let's get going... see you in the Riederalm!

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