10 traditional treasures of Leogang

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Posted on 27. June 2023

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Traditional treasures of Leogang

Welcome to Leogang, a picturesque place in the Austrian Alps rich in tradition, history and breathtaking nature. Here visitors will find a wealth of traditional things, events and sights that reflect the unique heritage of this region. In this blog post, we take you on a virtual journey through Leogang and the surrounding region and introduce you to 10 traditional treasures you should definitely discover.

1. Mining-village Hütten

The mining-village Hütten takes you back to the mining past in Leogang. Here you can stroll over the village square and admire the mining village. The historic atmosphere of this village makes you feel the spirit of the past. The place name 'Hütten' refers to the smelter where the raw ore was smelted onto silver, copper and lead metal. One of the most beautiful mineral collections in the country, which documents the mineral wealth of the Leogang - Schwarzleo Valley - Nöckelberg - Inschlag Alm district, was erected in the Trade Union House in 1593.

2. Mining & Gothic Museum

In the mining and Gothic museum you can dive deep into the mining history. Learn more about the hard work of the miners and admire the impressive collection of Gothic artworks. This museum is a fascinating place to explore the cultural heritage of Leogang.

Thriving mining is thriving art

The Leogang Mining and Gothic Museum is home to mining masterpieces and sacred Gothic art of European excellence and thus marks the mediaeval centre of the state of Salzburg. The motto of the museum is 'Thriving mining is thriving art', because the end of the Middle Ages was the heyday of mining in the Archbishopric of Salzburg and the acquired riches created Gothic art works of world renown. Experience the most important Gothic collection in the province of Salzburg in the magnificent ambience of the mining village of Hütten near Leogang.

To the mining and Gothic Museum in Leogang

3. Exhibition mine

Visit the exhibition mine and experience the fascinating underground world. Here you have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the working world of the miners and discover life under the ground. An exciting experience for all ages!

4. Blacksmith’s museum

The blacksmith’s museum offers an insight into the traditional craftsmanship of the blacksmith. Experience how iron is forged into works of art and admire the hand-made tools and exhibits. This museum is a true paradise for art lovers and craftsmen.

5. Saint Anne’s Chapel

Saint Anne’s Chapel is a small chapel dedicated to the miners. Here you can find a moment of silence and contemplation. The chapel shows the deep connection of the people of Leogang with their mining heritage.

6. Parish Church of St. Leonhard

The imposing parish church of St. Leonhard is an architectural jewel in Leogang. With its magnificent details and works of art inside, it is an impressive testimony to sacred architecture. A visit to this church is a journey into the spiritual history of Leogang.

7. Leonhardi Ride

The Leonhardi Ride is a traditional horse parade that takes place every year on November 6 to honour the patron saint of St. Leonhard. Admire the magnificently decorated horses, accompanied by traditional music and people dressed in costumes. This colourful parade will take you into the lively tradition of Leogang.

8. Hüttwirt

The Hüttwirt is a traditional inn that spoils you with delicious regional specialities. Let yourself be enchanted by the cosy atmosphere and warm hospitality of this place. The Hüttwirt is an ideal place to enjoy the local cuisine of Leogang.

9. Kirchenwirt

The Kirchenwirt is a historic inn that has been welcoming guests for generations. Here you can enjoy traditional Austrian dishes and experience the charming ambience of a traditional inn. A culinary experience you shouldn't miss.

10. Birnbachloch cave

The Birnbachloch cave is a natural spectacle that takes you into the impressive mountain landscape of Leogang. Here the idyllic Birnbach flows through a deep gorge and forms waterfalls and pools. This natural oasis invites you to relax, hike and explore. There is a legend about Birnbachloch that everyone in Leogang knows. Would you like to know it too? Then join us in immersing yourself in the world of legends and stories:

On the northeastern slope of the Leoganger Steinberge mountain, a rock cave opens near Weißbach, which people call Lamprechtsofenlöcher. The hole is supposed to run through the whole mountain to the Birnbachloch, at the foot of the mighty south face of the Birnhorn. At the bottom of this rock cave, a strong spring bursts forth, silver-bright and clear. A steep downward hole in the interior of the mountain is said to be unfathomable. For most of the year it is filled to the top with greenish-iridescent water. In particularly dry summers, however, the level of this subterranean lake decreases. If you throw down a stone, you will hear its rumbling and bumping for a long, long time. Now people remember an old legend, which tells of mysterious treasures at the bottom of the Birnbachloch. For centuries, the stories were passed from mouth to mouth that the icy cold water only protects access to large underground caves.

In these higher-lying halls, there are supposed to be immense treasures hidden away. Some bold fellow who tried to track down the riches inside the mountain never saw the daylight again.

For many decades, the locals, but also the foreign treasure hunters, avoided the dangerous hole. Not so long ago, though, it was a particularly dry summer, a peasant's son from the Priestereck tried his luck. Like his predecessors, he wanted to explore the depth of the cave and perhaps also find the treasure. Several friends, strong peasants, helped him with this. They were to tie rope to rope until the brave boy reached the bottom of the cave. When the boy almost achieved his goal, a horrible voice called suddenly:

'If you're going to challenge me, I'll tear you to shreds'

At the same time, he heard an eerie barking. He thinks he can see the glowing eyes of a giant dog. He was discouraged and gave the signal to pull up. Climbing up, however, proved to be extremely difficult despite the aid of the rope. The washed-out walls were smooth and without any hand holds, so that the lad only reached the cave entrance after many hours, almost completely exhausted. No treasure in the world could ever have made him go that deep again.

Since then, however, no other journeyman has dared to try his luck here.


Leogang is a place that has proudly preserved its rich history and tradition. The sites and sights presented offer visitors a deep insight into the cultural heritage of this charming alpine village. Immerse yourself in the mining past, admire sacred art and enjoy the warm hospitality in the traditional inns. Leogang is a treasure to be discovered. Leogang - a real treasure trove of traditional things, events and sights. 

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