The Birnbachloch in Leogang

A place of strength with history...
Posted on 24. June 2019

From the region

Did you know that there is actually a glacier in Leogang that can be visited at any time during the summer months without any climbing aid? No? Then you should definitely take part in the weekly hotel hike with Chef Friedl during your next holiday. In fact, the Birnbachloch Glacier in the Leoganger Steinberge mountains is the lowest glacier in Central Europe. 

This glacier even has an important history: in the 19th century. long before modern refrigerators were introduced, the ice was extracted for the cold cellars of the Munich breweries in Leogang. Up to 100 workers were employed here to blast the glacier to get the ice blocks. With a loud noise the ice was then transported via so-called ice slides made of wood into the valley and from there by horse-drawn carriages and trains to Munich. 

But back to hiking: Because the Birnbachloch natural monument is one of manager Friedl's personal places of power, it is his mission to accompany the guests to the Riederalm once a week. The hike itself begins in the Leoganger Ullachtal valley and leads initially through a section of forest and meadows before it then goes through a somewhat rockier terrain towards Birnbachloch. This is definitely a family hike and you are rewarded with a great view of the alpine surroundings of the Steinberge mountains. Please wear appropriate footwear.

The Birnbachloch lies at 1,291 metres and welcomes visitors with an approximately 20-metre-wide 'entrance hall' - where the Birnbach also rises. This spring flows in all seasons and is supposed to rise from an underground lake. A legend says that you can't get to the bottom of the lake. When stones were thrown into the lake, a muffled shout was heard: 'Gründst du mi, so schlünd i di' - which means 'If you try to fathom me I will devour you'...

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