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Alpine dinner at Tschebull restaurant Hamburg
Posted on 12. November 2018

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 from Michaela Eder & Theresa Maier

Our new wine cellar 'Weinblick' will make the hearts of wine lovers beat faster. Here you will find true treasures - exclusive wines from the Weinland Austria (Austrian wine-growing region) and international noble wines delight our guests.

Why did you build such an elaborate wine cellar?
Every great star needs a stage, and a beautiful stage is fundamental to a successful performance. I am also personally very keen to pay tribute to the work and commitment of the excellent wine growers.

Purchasing wine: What are your most important criteria??
We try to have something from every wine region, the wines are tasted and checked for their price-performance ratio. And this is crucial, because more expensive wines must be good, and medium-price wines are a source of many surprises, some good ones and others bad ones.

How many positions do you have on the wine list?
About 180 & 70 of these are Austrian wines.

What is your philosophy when storing wine?
We have created a stage for wine, where it can mature in peace. It is not disturbed with every observation, but is subjected to colour light therapy. Tempered to 14 °C, humidity 60 %, UV-free light. Exposed to selected classical music around the clock - it is true that the wine sleeps in the basement, but it is not in a coma. If it recognises the negative influences from outside, it also recognises the positive ones.

Thomas's favourite wine?
Difficult question, there are many. At the moment one of my favourites: 'Grüner Veltliner Eichbühel' - Weingut Müller.

Fernando's favourite wine?
As a father of four, it is difficult to declare one of them as a favourite child. There is no favourite wine either, but much depends on the state of the day, mood and weather.

For our sommeliers Thomas Herbst and Fernando Fanaro wine is not only a pleasure but also a true passion. During our weekly Riederalm wine journey you can taste a selection of fine wines and learn a lot of interesting things about wine.

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