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Posted on 6. September 2021


 from Michaela Eder

Wellness & pleasure for adults in the Riederalm

If you are looking for wellness from A to Z, the Riederalm is more than a place to be. There is also a huge variety of relaxing treatments on offer. We have selected the best places for you to relax and enjoy wellness.

Our ThermaLeogang

A real gem is our ThermaLeogang , which is also known as 'Leogang's first thermal pool'. Our thermal pool is not an ordinary thermal pool, as you might imagine in a traditional thermal bath - no: you enjoy the advantage of getting inside the pleasant, cosy 33°C warm, soothing water. As you swim out into the open air, you will be overwhelmed by the magnificent view of the massive Leoganger Steinberge mountains, which look pompously down on you. The mighty mountain range shines in the most beautiful colours, depending on the season and time of day. In the autumn, the Kalkriesen are reflected particularly clearly in the pool's lightning blue waters. When swimming, you can't turn your gaze away from the Leoganger Steinberge mountains, so beautiful the mountains open up in front of you.

At the end of the swimming pool, you will be met by comfortable Jacuzzi deckchairs. These work at the touch of a button and provide fine massages while relaxing in the outdoor pool.

But not only that we can offer you Leogang's first thermal pool is unique. Here too, as in the kitchen, where the regional supply of food is concerned, we act in accordance with our philosophy of 'regionality' because the thermal water is sourced from a spring in St. Martin near Lofer. Look forward to the best, regional healing water. The finest thermal water is delivered by the head of the house himself with our THERMALeogang Truck on Tour.

The swimming pool is 1.36m shallow, so you can sit in for a while, wherever you go during breaks.

Sauna break in Leogang

But that was not all. We continue with our guided tour through the huge wellness area exclusively for adults in our popular saunas. Here we offer supervised sauna infusions and scrubs. Our sauna experts Hans and Reinhard give you lots of tips for the right sauna and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We will make a short introductory round of our various saunas:

  • Panoramic sauna
    For those who like it hot and fiery, the 90°C panoramic sauna, including breathtaking views of the Leogang mountains, is the perfect option for relaxation. 
  • Mountain view - The organic pine sauna
    The fragrant organic pine sauna offers pure wellness pleasure with pleasant temperatures around 70°C. As its name suggests, the views of the Leoganger massif are fascinating.
  • Finnish sauna
    It gets quite hot here... At 90°C, heat-resistant guests are can look forward to a hot and fiery sweat of a special kind.
  • Herbal bio-sauna
    Here you can enjoy refreshing organic herbal scents and moderate temperatures between 55°C and 65°C with medium humidity.

Special water experiences and pleasant hours in the Riederalm

The wellness attractions in the Riederalm are of a very special kind. And there is always something new to discover.

  • Plunge pool 'glacier ice'
    If you are looking for refreshing coolness, you will find it in our diving pool 'glacier ice', which as its name suggests, is not for people who like hot showers and you need to overcome it to get in here. 
  • Autumn mist - the adventure steam bath
    Wet-warm experiences in the mystical steam bath with wonderfully refreshing mint aroma and exciting colour light play can be found here in autumn as well as at any other season.
  • Aromatic steam bath
    The high humidity is particularly accessible to the respiratory tract and leads to a pleasant general feeling. The various aroma oils spread a relaxed and pleasant scent.
  • Leoganger Wasserergasse - the adventure shower trail
    Water fun at all corners and ends can be found in the Leoganger Wasserergasse with 'Salzburger Schnürlregen', water curtain with summer meadow fragrance, quaint Kneipp bucket shower with lukewarm rain from above, foot and toe massage - the small GOOD LIFE surprise and individual showers.
  • Chat and gossip lodge
    At the lodge in front of the saunas, the fun factor is not too short. A lot of laughter, chatting and singing takes place here. And all this on comfortable relaxation lounges with the famous view of our mountain world.
  • The juice shop
    ... is known for its refreshing, invigorating drinks. Here you can enjoy fresh spring water, homemade fruit juices and warm teas.
  • Crystal-stone garden
    Pure nature in our crystal stone garden with the stunning panoramic view. Here you will find the opportunity to treading water (Kneipp), strolling and relaxing in a wonderful garden idyll. Our crystal stone garden is an exclusive resting area for adults right next to the thermal pool.

Tranquillity oasis for in between

This is best done in the cosy pine relaxation cube, where, as its name suggests, it smells sweet of pine everywhere. You can also admire a magnificent view of the rugged Leoganger Steinberge mountains.

'In the quiet lies the power', is the motto in the Silent Riederalm - the Relax Lounge. Here you will find a unique relaxation area with a cosy ambience. Various rocking and floating loungers and cosy berths tempt you to do sweet nothing. Pure good-life feeling.

If you are looking for absolute tranquillity, you will find it in the panoramic relaxation room at the Mountain Spa Asitz, where cosy water beds and loungers offer space for rest and relaxation. Here, too, you can enjoy the view of the Leogang mountain world.

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