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Posted on 15. May 2021


Keep active & stay fit

Do you know what the word 'wellness' really means? Many people think that 'wellness' is about swimming, sauna or use of the wellness area in a hotel. Of course, water also has to do with it, but it's not the only thing. The word 'wellness' comes from 'well-being', which means 'feel good'. The last part of the word 'ness' comes from the word 'fitness.' So 'wellness' means staying healthy and being healthy. Of course, you cannot achieve this by only using the wellness area in a hotel or with a massage. Because it actually takes a little bit more to keep people healthy. The three pillars of health are: exercise, relaxation, and nutrition. All of these three affect our health, and only we have it in our hands. Exercise should be part of our everyday life. And that is easy in our beautiful region Saalfelden Leogang, because: Our breathtaking natural landscape offers everything an active holiday demands. In the region of Saalfelden Leogang there are so many attractions: There is something for everyone here.

Enjoy your holidays...

Let's start with real pleasure holiday-makers: On the mountain of the senses, the Asitz mountain, you will find attractive offers to enjoy nature to the fullest. The nature cinema or the TONspur islands in the area of the Asitz mountain lift mountain station and the Asitz summit invite you to relax, listen to the sounds and to smell the scents of nature. Just sit down and relax.

Lovers of tradition...

... and cultural explorers await the numerous alpine huts in Saalfelden Leogang, which can be reached on easy, moderate or difficult hiking routes. Here the tour map of Saalfelden Leogang gives you an optimal overview.


Arriving at the hut...

The most colourful places to rest and enjoy in the area around Leogang

... it's first time to take in the unique, breathtaking surroundings. A true Pinzgau native would be happy to sing a yodel here. Then it gets cosy and you will be spoiled by the sympathic hosts of the hut with a real Pinzgauer Brettljause (traditional snack on a wooden plate). The savoury and delicious products are of the highest quality and mostly from the farm of the host of the hut. So everything is made very close to nature and the delivery routes are usually kept very short. Your host will be happy to advise you and make recommendations on what things taste like. Maybe he'll let you try some of his sophisticated delicacies in advance?

The challenge for action-packed holiday makers

Hut hikes are all well and good, but maybe they are a little too boring for some? Where is the action? Action also comes with concentration and sure-footedness? More importantly, not having a fear of heights and sure-footedness in the airy heights is an absolute basic requirement. Then it's time to hire a mountain guide to explore the peaks of the rugged Steinberge mountains with you. You should be aware of your fitness level and experience and you should have already gained experience in the field of climbing or mountain climbing.



For nature lovers.

... and for those who like to run over sticks and stones, we recommend the trendy sport 'trail running'. Here you run on narrow paths through forests and meadows and can listen to the twittering of birds and the noise of the forest. Depending on your physical condition, you can choose easy or demanding routes.

Action fans are welcome to the Epic Bikepark Leogang. You can learn more about the epic lines and trails of the bike park in our next blog. There is so much to explore!

It's time for wellness enjoyment.

And now we have probably arrived at the relaxing part of the day, the 'wellness part'. After a day full of activities and variety, head to our huge wellness area of 2,000 m². Here you can enjoy an all-round pampering programme. Lovely wellness treatments, such as a soothing massage, massage beds at the thermal pool and family pool and the relaxation area, where you can completely relax and enjoy.

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