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Bikepark in Leogang

The Epic Bike Park Leogang

It is one of the most renowned bike parks in Europe: the Epic Bike Park Leogang. Furthermore, it is one of only 11 bike parks worldwide classified as an absolute top-level park.

The Epic Bike Park clearly fulfils all the superlatives: it offers downhill for world champions on the UCI World Championship and World Cup track Speedster, impresses on 80 km Lines & Trails on 7 mountains with only one ticket and offers with the Riders Playground a 10,000 m² exercise area. The unique Hot Shots fired by GoPro offers a Pro - Jump Line with lots of airtime like no other.

The Leogang Bike Park is not only a well-known name among mountain bike fans, it is also the most sought-after destination in Europe, and is extremely popular with amateurs and professionals. At the numerous international events, the entire world elite is represented in Leogang. Whether freerider, downhiller or enthusiastic single trail driver, fun is guaranteed in any case. The hotel with a perfect location directly on the Leoganger Bike Park? The Good Life Resort Riederalm!

The ascent to the start takes place with the Asitzbahn mountain lift - directly at the Good Life Resort Riederalm, the Bikepark Leogang Hotel - entrance about 30 metres away. Then it's up to the fast downhill bike, depending on your desire and skill on different routes:

  • Steinberg Line by FOX (easy - Flow Line for all skill levels)
  • Hangman I (intermediate - Technical and challenging)
  • HOT SHOTS fired by GoPro (difficult - Pro-Jump Line who love airtime)
  • Antonius Trail (difficult - Technical skills required)
  • Flow Link (intermediate - Cool freeride Line)
  • Hangman II (easy - Fun for all)
  • Flying gangster (intermediate - For advanced and pros)
  • SPEEDSTER (difficult - The UCI World Championship and World Cup course)
  • Steinberg Link (easy - Curves for all!)
  • Vali's Hölle (difficult - Epic new downhill line)
  • Bongo Bongo (difficult - Solid Line selection and technique required)

Riders Playground:

  • Riederfeldlift
  • conveyor belt
  • GoPro Bagjump
  • World Champs Pumptrack

Current Trail Report

Lines & Trails:

Steinberg Line by Fox

Steinberg Line by Fox

Flow Line for all skill levels

Starting from the Steinbergbahn lift top station, the line meadners through the forest towards the Steinberg lift base station, providing an average grafient of approx. 9 % and a lot of berms.

Steinberg Line by Fox | 7,8 km | difference in height of 929 metres | easy

Hangman I

Hangman I

Technically and challenging

With roots, rocks, north shores, tight turns, optional drops and boner-logs. The line with the characteristics of a single trail starts at the top station and ends at the start of the flow link.

Hangman I | 2,1 km | difference in height of 358 metres | medium difficult

HOT SHOTS - fired by GoPro

HOT SHOTS - fired by GoPro

The Pro - Jump Line who love airtime

With a width of 2,5 meters, the track winds from the Asitz lift top station through the forest, with tables, rollers and wallrides down to the Flow Link.

Hot Shots fired by GoPro | 3,3 km | difference in height of 352 metres | difficult

Antonius Trail

Antonius Trail

Technical skills required

After a few meters of the turn-off to the Flow Link this natural, narrow single trail starts and meanders through some forest passages. At the end, it joins the Steinberg Line by FOX.

Antonius Trail | 1,4 km | difference in height of 150 metres | difficult

Flow Link

Flow Link

Cool freeride line

Snakes through the forest towards the mid station of the Asitz lift. The Flow Link gives you the freedom of choice - airtime or stay on the ground - and is peppered with variable take-offs, step-downs, tables and berms.

Flow Link | 0,8 km | difference in height of 93 metres | intermediate

Hangman II

Hangman II

Fun for all

A wide track, with successive berms and tables that flows, which has also much to offer for advanced riders. Ideal for improving your technique.

Hangman II | 4,2 km | difference in height of 455 metres | easy

Flying Gangster

Flying Gangster

For advanced and pros

With wallrides, berms, tables and optional takeoffs and drops from 0,5 metres to 5 metres. The line runs parallel to the Speedster.

Flying Gangster | 3,2 km | difference in height of 484 metres | intermediate



The UCI World Championship and World Cup course

The Speedster is the most demanding line in terms of riding technique - a combination of steep and technically challenging sections as well as high-speed and off-camber passages for experienced bikers!

Speedster | 2,3 km | difference in height of 468 metres | difficult

Steinberg Link

Steinberg Link

Curves for all!

Everybody's darling among the lines! Full of curves and berms. From Hangman II over a  generous northshore section down to the Steinberg lift base station. Fun for everyone!

Steinberg Link | 1,2 km | difference in height of 91metres | easy

Vali's Hölle

Vali's Hölle

Epic new downhill line

Our local hero and medal candidate, Vali Höll, missed her chance for gold on this line during the 2020 UCI Downhill World Championships. She was honoured by naming it Vali's Hölle.

Vali's Hölle | 0,9 km |difference in height of 169 metres | difficult

Bongo Bongo

Bongo Bongo

Solid line selection and technique required

The challenging line branches off halfway up the Flying Gangster and runs almost entirely through the forest. Narrow curves, steps, roots and stone passages, including even North Shore elements.

Bongo Bongo | 1,3 km | difference in height of 237 metres | difficult

Bike school & bike rental

Right next to our hotel on the Leoganger Bike Park is the bike school 'Elements Outdoorsports' - the Pros regarding biking. No matter if technical training, trial day in the bike park, downhill camps,... here you are in good hands.

Perfect equipment is also provided. You will find downhill bikes, protectors, helmet and much more at Sport Mitterer, which is located right next to our hotel. Get some advice.

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