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Mountain Range

How we do recruiting

Step 1

Wonderful - nice to have you! We welcome your talents.

Step 2

Your written application will arrive digitally in our system!

Step 3

We will contact you by email.

Step 4

We get to know each other by telephone and discuss some important points.

Step 5

The personal conversation is of great value to us and so we are thrilled to be able to get to know you in our company.

Step 6

Get to know your future department and our company and come for trial work.

Step 7

Decisions should be well thought through - and feedback from both sides is enormously important.

Step 8

Everything organised! You will receive a pocket list and all important information for a smooth start.

Step 9

We wish you a good journey and are happy to help you out.

Step 10

Welcome! Today you will get to know our company and the first work day or the first work week will be discussed.

Step 11

Let's go and get excited together.

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