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Posted on 7. December 2021

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 from Michaela Eder & Theresa Maier

Semolina is not only a fairly popular cereal grain, but also very versatile. Whether savoury or sweet, semolina can be used in a lot of tasty dishes. We are also very happy to create unique dishes with semolina and would like to present you a wonderful dish by Andreas Herbst today.

But what is semolina anyway?

Semolina is a term used in the milling industry for fragments of grain (mostly wheat but also spelt) with a size of 0.3 to 1 mm. Semolina is made in a similar way to flour, but the mill is adjusted differently. The finer flour fraction, which is produced simultaneously in this grinding process, is later screened out and used as flour.

In our Riederalm kitchen we use Leoganger spelt semolina (from Ziefergut in Leogang) and semolina from the Rosenfellner mill. For savoury dishes, such as cheese dumplings, we add a little semolina to the spätzle dough to make it fluffier. In addition, the semolina can be used to prepare excellent side dishes such as semolina dumplings or semolina strudel. A sample dish that we currently have in our menu in the Riederalm: Leoganger lamb dumplings (Vorderrainerbauer) with Ronach (Stechaubauer), Garam Marsala & black bread

Leoganger Lamb dumpling (Vorderrainerbauer farmer Leogang)
Ronach (Stechbauer farmer Lenzing), Garam Marsala & black bread

Curd dough



  • 250 g Leoganger yoghurt curd (Ziefergut)
  •  90 g double-grip flour
  •  50 g semolina (Rosenfellner Mühle)
  •  50 g butter
  • 40 g egg yolks
  •  50 g salt



Beat the soft butter until foamy and add the yolk. Salt, curd cheese, and the flour are stirred in and the dough is cold-set. When the dough is cold, portion and fill with the lamb.




  • 150g lamb neck (Vorderrainbauer)
  • 20 g shallots
  • 4 g ginger puree
  • 1 g Garam Masala
  • 20 g pickled cranberries
  • Salt, Szechuan pepper
  • Pumpkin seed Shoyu (Luvi Fermente)
  • Light miso paste (Luvi Fermente)



Mince the lamb and season with fried shallots, ginger puree, garam masala, pickled cranberries, pumpkin seeds, shoyu, light miso paste, Szechuan pepper and form small balls. Freeze these balls briefly. After that, wrap with the curd dough and form beautiful dumplings. Finally cook the dumplings in the lamb stock.

Serve with braised beets (Ronach) from Stechaubauer farmer, black bread espuma, borage oil and a powerful lamb sauce with Garam Masala and Miso.

We wish you great success, a lot of fun while cooking and of course a good appetite!

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