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Leogang-Saalfelden climbing region

"Felsenfest" climbing hall in Saalfelden

The state-of-the-art climbing hall in Salzburg

Under the name ‘felsenfest’, Saalfelden climbing hall provides leisure fun for all the family, whatever the weather. Any age group and all ability levels can use the hall, with or without a trainer.

On an area spanning some 400 m² there is:

  • approx. 1700 m² total climbing area
  • approx. 1250 m² indoor lead climbing area
  • approx. 250 m² outdoor lead climbing area
  • approx. 150 m² indoor bouldering area
  • approx. 50 m² outdoor bouldering area
  • 17.50 m face height and up to 22m route length
  • Up to 10 m overhanging

Via ferrata facilities

All the climbing areas have special impact protection flooring. Your Löwen Alpin Card entitles you to an 8 % discount on your entry.

Indoor climbing in Leogang

The climbing hall in Leogang is located in Leogang’s club house, right in the town. It is a climbing hall with a very personal ambience and a climbing area spanning  300 m².

Difficulty levels: 3 to 9
Routes: 45

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