"Pinzgauer Wasserfestspiele"

The water experience for families

Whether you prefer it sporty, relaxing, or refreshing - our water world offers an exclusive sports and SPA pleasure for all tastes and ages.

"Der Bergsee" (the mountain lake) & Leoganger Sport Outdoor Pool

Our panoramic indoor pool „der Bergsee / the mountain lake“ with a swimming gate to the 20m long Leoganger Sport Outdoor Pool offers a great bathing and swimming pleasure the whole year. The comfortable massage loungers in the outdoor pool provide soothing SPA enjoyment and of course is the unique view on our mountains included.

Admit it, the "Salzburger Festspiele" (festival) are almost as popular as our water world. We know that also you will be sliding, swimming, splashing and diving! Everyone will be having fun and laughing.

Andrea Herbst

"Der Wasserfall" (the waterfall)

The absolute secure - and quiet - experience waterslide guarantees fun and excitement for young and old. With a length of 57,57m, you will slide into pure joy of life. The waterfall has an entry and exit in our warm indoor area. In our hotel with water slide, you can slide down with or without tire. The time measurement feature of our slide is particularly popular – it provides so many opportunities for the young and the young-at-heart to enjoy sliding competitions!

Plitsch Platsch (Splish Splash)

The water paddling pool for our small resort fans offers the possibility to paddle, splash and get to know the element water in a secure way.

Pure Relaxing

Panorama Dress on Sauna - for families and anti-naked fans
Sweating, laughing and chatting in your swimwear and pleasant temperatures around 50 ° C.

This bright relaxing area is ideal for cuddling, relaxing, chatting – the fantastic view of our stunning mountain landscape is of course included.

Bathrobe Terrace
Here, you have to wear your swimwear and bathrobe and if you do not, it is your own fault. The finest outdoor chill couches and loungers stand as guarantee for comfortable lounging, right next to the “Wasserfestspielen” (swimming pool).

Relax - panoramic summer meadow – the relaxing dream for people from 0 – 99. 
So beautiful is being lazy! On huge, amazingly soft pillows can be cuddled and rested. Including a summer meadow fragrance.

Der Hochsitz (the high seat) – the peaceful gallery overlooking the Good Life garden. 
Maximum relaxing on nice beds and loungers. Enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing. Ideal for dreaming away with your favorite book.

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Thermal healing water pool in Leogang

Relax in the unique mountain panoramic setting