Culinary breakfast buffet in the Riederalm
Breakfast eggs at the Riederalm Restaurant
Cakes and pastries at the breakfast buffet
Breakfast omelette at the buffet at the Riederalm

Our rich breakfast buffet

For a perfect start to the day

Breakfast is the most important and usually most underestimated meal of the day and the demands of the hotel guests are very high. We at the Good Life Resort Riederalm always try to serve you a delicious and rich breakfast. 

  • Bread: Fresh bread from the region from the bakeries Hasenauer, Ritter, Haubi’s & Brotkultur Tirol
  • Butter: Alpine butter (Sinnlehenalm), margarine
  • Homemade marmalades: strawberry jam, apricot jam, raspberry green apple jam, many seasonal flavours, ...
  • Honey: walnut honey, spruce honey, Leoganger mountain honey
  • Fruit: sliced watermelon, sugar melon & pineapple, portioned fruit salad, mixed fruit
  • Compotes: fruit compote
  • Yoghurt: natural yoghurt, various fruit yoghurt, ...
  • Milk: whole milk from Ziefergut, lactose-free milk from Schärdinger, almond milk, soy drink from Alpro
  • Cereals: Various nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cereals, cornflakes, ...
  • Raw food: vegetable sticks
  • Spreads: Philadelphia, garden herb spread (potting of the Ziefergut), goat cheese naturally preserved in oil (Streckauhof), preserved herb-goat cheese (Streckauhof)
  • Cheeses: Gouda, Emmentaler, Edam, cheese platter with regional cheeses, processed cheese corners
  • Sausage types from farmers in our region: lamb sausage, cured beef, bacon, pastrami, smoked ham, grazing pig chorizo, square salami, pepper salami, paprika sausage, prosciutto, beef salami, Parisian veal sausage
  • Eggs: We only use organic eggs from Kehlbachbauer for our egg dishes
  • Fish: smoked salmon, Leoganger smoked trout, horseradish cream
  • Other: ginger, lemon juice, classic kombucha, cranberry kombucha, quince kombucha, various daily drinks
Spreads for breakfast in the Riederalm
Cheese at breakfast buffet

'Information about the allergens can be obtained from our service staff'

Fam. Herbst


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