Andreas Herbst in the Riederalm kitchen
Gourmet chef Andreas Herbst in the herb garden

Honest & Regional - Our products

Enjoyment without remorse - with regional products of the best quality

The best cuisine is only possible with the best ingredients! We are very proud that we use the majority of our products from Leogang and our region and are a pioneer.

Meat producers

Family Eiböck, Schattbachbauer: Pasture pig (Duroc & Swabian-Hällisch)

Walter Eiböck

Family Herzog, Badmeisterhof: Domestic pork for bacon

Fam. Herzog

Family Scheiber, Vorderrainbauer: Lamb

Fam. Scheiber

Bernd Fürstauer, butcher's shop Fürstauer: sausage products

Bernd Fürstauer

Fiechtl family: game

Family Fiechtl

Stefan Foidl, Angerlehenbauer: dairy calf

Stefan Foidl

Tobias Riedlsperger, Madlbauer: dairy calf, dairy goat

Tobias Riedlsperger

Thomas Eder, Trenkerbauer: Jura lamb

Thomas Eder

  • Cattle (young beef, veal, ox) from the Leoganger farmers (Hinterriederbauer, Hartlbauer, Badmeisterhof, Madlbauer, Schattbachbauer)
  • Suckling veal - Angerlehenbauer, Madlbauer
  • Suckling goat - Madlbauer
  • Game (deer, chamois, venison, young venison, roebuck) - from the parish hunt of Leogang, Paulinger Hof, family hunt Alfred Fiechtl
  • Jura lamb - Vorderrainerbauer (Scheiber family), Trenkerbauer (Eder family)
  • Domestic pig for bacon - Badmeisterhof (Herzog family)
  • Grazing pig (Duroc, Swabian-Hallard) and Wagyu cattle - Schattbachbauer (Eiböck family)

Poultry & Eggs

Family Eiböck, Schattbachbauer: Wildmast chicken

Fam. Eiböck

Family Zehentner, Schrederbauer: organic free-range eggs

Fam. Zehentner, Schrederbauer

Thomas Eder, Trenkerbauer: quail eggs

Thomas Eder, Trenkerbauer, waxed eggs

  • Game-fattened chicken, guinea fowl, mini turkey - Schattbachbauer (Eiböck family)
  • Organic free-range eggs - Schrederbauer (Zehentner family)
  • Organic free-range eggs - Königgut (Hans Reiter from Wals)
  • Quail eggs - Trenkerbauer (Eder family)
  • Austrian farmed duck from the Hütter family from Straden

Fish & Shellfish

Pisciculture Hermann Hasenauer: Schwarzleo char, sturgeon

Herman Hasenauer

Pisciculture Anton Grundner: Schwarzbach trout, Schwarzbach char, salmon trout, smoked trout

Grundner Anton

Norbert Herzog

Norbert Herzog: fish & shellfish

Norbert Herzog

  • Pisciculture Hermann Hasenauer (Leogang): Schwarzleo char, sturgeon
  • Pisciculture Anton Grundner (Leogang): Schwarzbach trout, Schwarzbach char, salmon trout, smoked trout
  • Norbert Herzog (Saalfelden): Fish & crayfish farming
  • From Chiemseefischer Lex: Reinanke
  • Walter Grüll (Grödig near Salzburg): Caviar
  • Blün Aquaponik: Viennese catfish


Family Haitzmann, Stechaubauer: vegetables

Family Haitzmann, Stechaubauer: vegetables

Family Haitzmann, Stechaubauer: vegetables

Family Haitzmann, Stechaubauer: vegetables

  • Stechaubauer organic farm (Lenzing, Saalfelden): Organic vegetables

Dairy products

  • Sinnlehenbauer (Leogang): Sinnlehen cheese, caraway cheese, pepper cheese, Boxhorn clover cheese, farmer's butter, snow rose, ricotta
  • Ziefergut (Leogang): yoghurt, whole milk, potatoes, spelt rice, wholemeal spelt & wholemeal rye flour
  • Lederstallgut (Leogang): goat's cream cheese
  • Rainer family (Dorfladen Leogang): Späkäse and pickled fresh goat's cheese
  • Sigfried Herzog Destillate (Saalfelden): creamy affinated Camembert, Lexei sheep's cheese, Sumastoa semi-hard cheese, Hoch Wiesa mountain cheese
  • Wilder Käser (Tyrol): small and large Stinker

Honey, spices, delicacies

Family Elfriede Müllauer: Leoganger forest blossom honey, beeswax, mead...

Fam. Elfriede Müllauer

  • Beekeeping family Elfriede Müllauer (Leogang): Leogang forest blossom honey, beeswax, mead wine and pollen
  • Beekeeping Alfred Bründl (Leogang): forest honey, tomato rarities
  • Winterreis.at (St. Pölten)
  • Rye and wheat flour, apple juice and much more from family Müller (winery Müller), Krustetten
  • Herbs from our own herb garden (URBAN Cultivator)


Lebensmittel Frank

Lebensmittel Frank

  • Lebensmittel Frank (Lenzing, Saalfelden)
  • Family Müller, Winery Müller (Krustetten, Lower Austria): rye and wheat flour, apple juice, Wachau apricots, wild boar from the Wachau and much more...

'For our excellent Riederalm cuisine I have to be convinced of the products used. I have built up a large network with farmers and producers over the last few years.'

Gourmet chef Andreas Herbst
Andreas Herbst

From nose to tail

Andreas Herbst is in constant contact with farmers, hunters and producers and has developed a great concept for our unique Riederalm cuisine.
By using the whole animal, we create many different delicacies, such as our cured beef (Bündnerfleisch), young beef ham, Pastrami, Lamb and cheese sausage, fine meatloaf and much more!
The Fürstauer butcher shop in Saalfelden Leogang and the Prem butcher shop in Fieberbrunn process everything according to the recipes of our gourmet kitchen.

Homemade delicacies

It is a matter of honour that we do not use any pre-finished products in the Riederalm. It just tastes best homemade.
This starts in the morning with the homemade jams, muesli, smoothies,... and continues in the afternoon with all our delicacies at the Alpine Buffet.
In the evening, homemade bread is offered every day, with matching spread. The gourmet menu inspires with creativity and exquisite taste.


Save the planet

It is no secret that the costs of food are noticeably overpriced. A wide variety of ingredients cost up to 25% more. That is why chef and JRE member Andreas Herbst and his team are once again focusing on the best quality of local products.

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