Sustainability in the Riederalm

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in all areas of life. This topic is also very important to us at the Good Life Resort Riederalm.

We get most of our energy from our biomass heating plant. The biomass plant was built in 2006 and since then has supplied the surrounding hotel businesses and the staff hostel, the Leogang cable car and some private households.

Another part of the energy we need comes from our own photovoltaic system.

We also try to be as sustainable as possible in our wellness areas. For example, we obtain the thermal water for our thermal healing water pool from St. Martin near Lofer - the best regional healing water. The delivery of the thermal water with our THERMALeogang truck on tour - a "mobile" thermal bath, so to speak - is a top priority for us.

Sustainability and regionality are particularly important in our gourmet kitchen. Starting with the homemade jams, muesli and smoothies or the breakfast egg to the various products that are processed into unique creations for the afternoon snack and the gourmet menu in the evening, everything comes from the surrounding area. The majority of the products we use are sourced from Leogang and the surrounding region, so the transport routes can be kept very short.

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