Sustainability in the Riederalm

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in all areas of life. This topic is also very important to us at the Good Life Resort Riederalm.

We get most of our energy from our biomass heating plant. The biomass plant was built in 2006 and since then has supplied the surrounding hotel businesses and the staff hostel, the Leogang cable car and some private households.

Another part of the energy we need comes from our own photovoltaic system.

We also try to be as sustainable as possible in our wellness areas. For example, we obtain the thermal water for our thermal healing water pool from St. Martin near Lofer - the best regional healing water. The delivery of the thermal water with our THERMALeogang truck on tour - a "mobile" thermal bath, so to speak - is a top priority for us.

Sustainability and regionality are particularly important in our gourmet kitchen. Starting with the homemade jams, muesli and smoothies or the breakfast egg to the various products that are processed into unique creations for the afternoon snack and the gourmet menu in the evening, everything comes from the surrounding area. The majority of the products we use are sourced from Leogang and the surrounding region, so the transport routes can be kept very short.

To our regional producers



Safe the planet - Pools & SPA

We work with the energy from our biomass heating plant.
he biomass plant was built in 2006 and has since been supplying the surrounding hotel businesses as well as the employee dormitory, the Leoganger Bergbahnen cable cars and some private households.
Another part of our required energy comes from our hotel's own photovoltaic system. Nevertheless, we handle this valuable resource carefully, because our energy costs quadruple in the resort. Don't worry, you will definitely still get full relaxation


Safe the energy - Rooms & Suites

The biggest enemy of enormous energy costs is probably the cold season. So we have a new, professional and highly environmentally friendly energy system.  Especially in the cold seasons it is important to us that you feel fine and comfortable. As before, you are still welcome to regulate your room temperature in your hotel room yourself, but we ask you to use the energy carefully. Mother Earth says thank you and so we can all make a small - but calculated on the number of guests - decent contribution to the environment!   
ur advice: ventilate your hotel room twice a day for 3 minutes, otherwise our room fairy will be happy to do this for you when cleaning


Safe the energy - Room cleaning & linen

Quite a few guests ask us if it is really necessary to clean the hotel room every day or to get fresh laundry.
We also believe that this should be your own decision from now on. There is now a specially made door hanger, with which you can gladly communicate that for the following day on room cleaning can be waived. Admittedly, we have not only copied this idea from our guests, but also from our travels: what is offered internationally in luxury hotels will certainly also please our guests.
If required, we will of course bring fresh bath towels and hand towels to your room. You can also determine your change of bed linen by a note on a card, which you will find in your room.


Safe your Money - Gourmet & Pleasure

It is no secret that the cost of food is getting higher and higher. Different ingredients now cost up to 25% more, especially for those who come from far away, causing enormous travel costs and harming the environment properly.
So we focus on the best quality of local products from Leogang, according to the motto: we eat what nature offers us. 
Our award-winning chef and JRE member Andreas Herbst is a master of his craft and will continue to spoil you with his team - through the day as part of the gourmet board. 

Safe the planet - Holidays without a car

Admittedly, it takes some rethinking to start your holiday trip to us without a car. You will be amazed how easily this can be done. 
Our Tip: After your booking secure your optimal journey by train or plane as soon as possible. There are really top price offers, if you are early enough.

By train: we will of course pick you up from Leogang train station.
By airplane: of course we will organize an airport shuttle for you.


Safe your holidays - rent  winter equipment

Are you afraid to take all your winter equipment with you when you travel without a car?  Why not leave it at home and rent your winter sports equipment locally from one of our numerous sports stores - at extremely fair conditions. So you save not only energy resources but much, much nerves with the elaborate suitcase packing. In the hotel resort we are happy to lend backpacks and winter hiking poles. 

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