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The Museum Schloss Ritzen Saalfelden

Variety is always the order of the day in Leogang and the Saalfelden region

Current exhibitions in Schloss Ritzen

Museum Schloss Ritzen is currently open from Thursday to Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The exhibitions are variety-packed and offer insights from a variety of eras. Here art meets history and tradition, as well as artisanal peaks.

The latest exhibitions include:

  • Gottfried Salzmann
  • The history of Saalfelden
  • Home decor
  • Cribs
  • Roman frescoes
  • ’The moving image / Wood’

During your holiday you can also discover more about the history of your holiday region.

Current exhibits

From stately home to regional museum

There were at one time lots of noble residences in the Saalfelden region in Pinzgau. These days the various castles in the region still show off their erstwhile splendour.

Indeed, Schloss Ritzen in Saalfelden, in particular, which was a stately home, is now a museum. Records about the former ‘Grub’ castle date back to the 14th century. During its existence, Schloss Ritzen has had to endure storms, a fire and even had to have materials donated after a market fire. In 1964 the property was purchased by the district of Saalfelden and since that time has become Saalfelden’s regional museum and once again exudes splendour.

Want to know more?

Not a problem, Leogang also has many more museums with exciting themes. Have you ever been to the show mine? ‘Glück auf’ is the call in the mining and Gothic museum in Leogang. After all, in Schwarzleograben you can hike in the footsteps of miners and get an idea of what the working conditions were like in mines in the Middle Ages.

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