KSchaubergwerken Besichtigung
Aktivurlaub in Leoang

Schaubergwerk (Mines) in Leogang

Immerse yourself in the world of a miner

In its own special way, Austria's oldest mines come to life.

For a short time, you will experience a world where miners spent most of their lives doing hard work. In most mines open to public viewing, you can take a train tour of the mines.

Mining in the Middle Ages

Not here! We want you to really sense how it was in a medieval mine. That is why you go by foot - bent over and marching through the small tunnels. You will really feel how it was during those times, and you really have time to think about how medieval miners dug the mines centimetre by centimetre.

Impressively and instantaneously, it will amaze you. In the mine, you will gather around your guide to hear the amazing stories - most of the mine tunnels and the ore itself was dug using only a hammer and chisel.

600-year journey through mining history

Walking through the tunnels you will see the kerf and lodes. The Gips mine shaft is over 30 metres deep - this ís where the ore would be pulled up to the main tunnel. The walk over the small wooden stage that the miners used to sit or stand is also memorable. The tour continues onto the Daniel shaft. This is where your 600-year journey through mining history comes to an end. Finally, sunlight - and a well-deserved meal of regional cuisine in the Knappenstube (miners parlour).

Interesting information about the Riederalm

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