Flying Fox XXL in Leogang
Flying Fox XXL in Leogang

The Flying Fox XXL in Leogang

140 km/h - 140 m high and 1.6 km long – a pure adrenaline rush!

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Get strapped in, move to the start position and set off for the ultimate adrenaline rush XXL: with the construction of the world’s longest and fastest steel cable slide of its kind in Leogang, Austria, Jochen Schweizer is creating a top class flight experience which will be available from June 2011. ‘Flying Fox XXL’ is the name of the latest adventure which enables those brave enough to try it to zip down into the valley like superman at 130 km per hour on average.

Cries of joy, goosebumps and lots of adrenaline

Participants glide from the Stöcklalm 1.6 km down into the valley and can enjoy fantastic views of the breath-taking mountains of the Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang ski circus at a height of over 140 m. Loud cries of joy, goosebumps and plenty of adrenaline included!

A genuine high altitude flight - impatient adventure-seekers can secure their places now: the ‘Flying Fox XXL’ experience is available for just 79 euros.

A tingling adrenaline rush from the start

Participants are fitted with a body harness and attached to the cable system at the Stöcklalm close to the middle station of the Asitzkabinenbahn cable car in Leogang. They then fly down into the valley at high speed head first! It feels like a gravity-free outdoor flight, a bit like hand-gliding only much, much faster! The breath-taking mountain landscapes fly past as you experience the world from a bird’s eye perspective. At this height, you will soon find out whether your nerves are made or steel or whether it’s just the cables! After all, there is a substantial height difference between the start and the end station!

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